I am sure by now many of you know that following a lengthy planning phase Lewisham Council have finally agreed to grant achange of use to 88 Springbank Rd. When we started this journey at the beginning of last year we had no idea it would take so long. We were given poor advice on the pre-planning application, much of which contradicted what Lewisham planning department ultimately recommended and added months to the application. We were also hindered by a handful of local objections that led to the application being sent to a committee panel, again this added substantial time. While it has felt like an endurance, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom. Lots of really positive things came out of the process, one being the immense feedback from local residents. The feedback has galvanised our belief that Sprinkbank Rd is an ideal place for this pub. With that we thank all the people who sent supporting letters to both Lewisham planning department and the local councillors. I would also like to say a special thanks to Peter from Robinson Escott Planning and the two residents from Springbank Rd who turned up uninvited, wanting to speak in support of the application – Thank you Jen and Paddy.

A few people have been in touch to ask what happens next. We have applied to Lewisham Council for an alcohol license, this should take no more than a few weeks. Once this has been granted the build begins, a lot of work needs doing and we expect this will take about four months. All being well the pub should be open by late spring, with the brewery coming later in 2019.

Finally, we are looking for a name, it has always been our intention for the community to get involved in naming the pub and some of the beers too. I have been inundated with suggestions from the public, but you still have time to send in your suggestions. If you have an idea for a name, please get in touch – math@mathbrew.com. The deadline for suggestions is Dec 31.

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to giving regular updates.

Math and Emma.

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