Pop-Up / Beer Stall


Let me start by saying thanks to all the people who stopped by to say hi. It was nice to get such a warm welcome from both beer lovers and those who just wanted to wish us good luck.
The day didn’t get off to a perfect start. I’d filled a brand new fridge on Friday to ensure that we had lots of cold beers for Saturday. I got a call at 0600 on Saturday to say that our brand new fridge was not cold, worse than that it had slightly warmed the drinks. There I was at 0730 in the morning, on my hands and knees trying to fix a fridge that unbeknown to me was beyond repair. After making calls – firstly to an engineer and then to retailers of commercial fridges – I abandoned any hope of either fixing it or getting a suitable one. We decided to nip round to Emmaus Charity shop on Lee High Road and get a second hand one. This episode frustratingly put us behind by at least a couple of hours. Emma managed to get round with her mum and set the stall up, while I wrote and printed the menus off at home. We eventually managed to get the kegs on by 1330 and the rest of the stock eventually arrived by about 1400. We had planned to have chalkboards, but time got the best of us and they remained unused. A super massive big thank you to Emma’s mum and dad, Bill and Judy who homed our broken fridge as well as running the beers around and working tirelessly on the day. I’m not exaggerating when I say we could not have done it without them.
So the afternoon itself? Once we were up and running things got better. Emma pulled her first pints and after a few lively ones, took to it like a duck to water. The Neck Oil was a hit and we pretty much sold out. We intend to do a few pop ups outside the pub in the weeks before opening.

The cat is now out of the bag as to where the pub will be – Springbank Rd in Hither Green. It was a delight to meet so many smiling and supportive locals. I have no doubt that we will meet many of you again. I’d like to say thanks to the people who got in touch through Facebook, offering ideas regarding the broken fridge in the morning and I extend those thanks to the people who have sent us good wishes.

So what happens next? I am meeting architects next week to discuss plans for the pub. I would like to upload some photos next week so you can see what the building looks like at the moment.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by mathBREW on Saturday.

Math and Emma



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