The Birth of a new Pub?

…..Welcome to the Birth of a wee Pub.

My first beer delivery arrived last week. £1000 worth of beer piled in the corner, It’s odd I’d have expected £1000 of beer to be piled to the ceiling. Instead it has paid for 16 crates or 378 bottles and cans.

What would someone do with all that beer?

Let me take you back a few months. I quit my full time job in public relations last September, four months prior to that I had dropped down to part time hours to follow a different path. I had decided that I must become my own boss, make my own money and ultimately sail my own ship.
Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with beer, well not just beer, but alcohol.  I must be careful when choosing to use the words obsession and alcohol in the same sentence. That those words don’t become tangled and misconstrued.

I live in Lee and am all too aware of the lack of what I would describe as good drinking establishments in the area. It would seem like the logical way to combat this would be to open one.

The Birth of a New Pub? Conception took just a moment, now comes the nurturing and I would hope to see a new pub by the end of September.

We are doing something new and I intend to use this blog to document this journey.
My hopes are that it grows in to something wonderful, but it could all go wrong tomorrow.

So what would someone do with all that beer? We plan to soft launch next month at the Hither Green World Food and Craft Fayre. That decision is now in the hands of Lewisham licencing dept, Environmental Health and Lewisham Police.
You can find out more about the festival here


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